Robin and I hope you liked our first installment on Vet Hospital Safety with Your dog.  In that training discussion, we examined safety and preparation as you go to the Vet’s Office and being in the Waiting Room. In our second installment regarding the Vet Hospital, we want to discuss safety with the Examination Room…

The Exam Room offers additional, unique challenges for you and your dog because of it’s confined nature. This increases the possibility that “Fight or Flight” with your dog may occur. We would like to share some simple dog safety tips that can minimize issues or, at least, prepare you for less than perfect situations:

  • You should put your dog on the examination table. You are the best to know if there are any areas on their body that your dog doesn’t like touched. You are a familiar figure who should have no problem in approaching and raising your dog to the table.
  • Never show heightened emotion or fear. Whether you are the “Alpha” or not, this will heighten your dog’s adrenaline and reactive tendencies. If the Vet Tech needs to give your dog a shot or draw blood, do not show emotion (i.e. sorrow that it might hurt them). If you are “an overly emotional person”, ask to leave the room for that moment.
  • Always obey the instructions of the Vet Tech. They do this all the time and all they know how to accomplish the needed procedures while providing a safe and happy experience for your dog.
  • Always stand tall and face your dog while in the examination room. This shows that “you are the strong parent” and will give them a sense of security and safety.
  • If anything happens in the examination room that you are unsure of, ask your Vet to explain what is happening so that you can maintain your confidence that you are providing your dog with a safe and happy experience.

I hope that you can start to see a trend here. If we can associate the Vet’s Office with “everything is OK”, that will minimize any possibility of heightened fear that could lead to aggressive situations. Remember, it is our job to keep our dog safe wherever we go.

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