Home Dog Training of North Georgia

From puppy to senior, potty training to bad behavior – We can solve your problems!

Home Dog Training of North Georgia

We come to your home and train both you and your dog to have a great life.

Home Dog Training of North Georgia

Our simple methods and passive solutions will create a dog that respects, obeys, and loves you.

Home Dog Training of North Georgia

Come, Sit, Stay — Jumping, Biting, Anxiety — Potty, Fear, Aggression… We are your solution!


Robin and I are excited and grateful that we are returning to a point of normalcy. We hope you have remained safe and healthy. We took special precautions to remain open and training during the Coronavirus Crisis.  Our enhanced procedures have allowed us to provide a higher level of training and support for our wonderful clients and their exceptional dogs. We intend to keep many of these new procedures in place.  Learn More

Well trained dogs are happier and well behavedHome Dog Training of Georgia has over nineteen years of experience training dogs and puppies to their full potential.  We create a positive relationship between you and your canine companion to make your dog the best that they can be in every situation. A well tempered dog that is confident and ready for new experiences is a great companion. We use proven techniques that are humane and effective because a well trained dog is a happy dog.

It is our belief that training is the process of teaching the dog good manners while also working on proper management to help keep the dog out of trouble. This will keep your dog from learning and reinforcing bad behavior and will help them focus on your leadership skills.  We will teach you how to use the tools you already have in place to successfully attain this goal.

Dog training in your home provides the perfect teaching environment for your dog and your entire familyHaving our dogs understand that we are the ones who are going to keep them safe, secure, and happy is critical in building a healthy and lifelong relationship.  Once our dogs respect us and focus on us as their protector, they will joyfully obey us.  Our family and pack will live harmoniously with us easily taking the leadership role.  That is what we teach you and exactly what your dog longs to experience.

It is all about your family and all about a wonderful home filled with family; both human and canine.  We empower you and your entire family to enjoy the wonderful experience of having a great dog.

We consider our dogs to be a part of the family. This means that we use positive and natural canine behavioral techniques.  We will help you build the appropriate relationship between  you and your dog.  We want to make sure that your dog will learn to count on you to keep their world in order.  Finally, we want to assure that your dog respects you as their teacher and care giver.

We offer a variety of different training programs so we can give your pet exactly the help they need.

Puppy Socialization Training in Helen Georgia will give you a well socialized and loving puppy. Everyone will wish they had a dog as great as yours.


Puppy Training

We offer Puppy Training to help teach your puppy the basics so it can be the best it can be going forward. With an emphasis on socialization, potty training, good behavior, and basic obedience, your puppy will learn how to play with other puppies and start to be a happy member of your family.  Our training is done on your schedule in your home.


Individualized trdog training in your home with your dog and the entire family learning


One on One Training

We offer individualized training programs for adult dogs because many situations  simply can’t be resolved in a group environment.  We believe that by coming to your home, we can easily recreate the environment and dynamics causing your problems.  This also allows us to schedule the training sessions based on your schedule.   Sometimes a dog will also need extra care and attention to help them achieve their maximum potential.  One on one training can often be the extra push that some pets need to be the best they can be.

Your dog gets individualized attention with our Board and Train Program


Board and Train

We offer Board and Train programs for both puppies and adult dogs for clients whose busy schedules don’t allow the time to train their dog themselves.  Your dog becomes a member of our family and lives with us while being educated.  We only accept one dog at a time and your dog receives our complete and undivided attention. The training program is uniquely customized to address your dog’s distinctive needs and challenges.

The best dog training in North Georgia with lifetime support


Our training offers a Lifetime Support Guarantee.  Please read our Life Time Support Offer for complete details.