I was with Robin in Dahlonega last Friday visiting some friends.  They have a new, puppy German Shepherd named Willie who is really a great dog. We have given them tips and suggestions over the years to help them with Willie and dogs they have owned in the past.  I love visiting them because I love playing with Willie.  As Willie and I were playing fetch in the back yard, my friend wandered over and asked “I really don’t care if my dog jumps on me, but Christmas is here and I don’t want my dog to jump on Aunt Daphne or many of my other guests and visiting family members…”

I reminded my friend that dogs need simple and consistent rules to follow.  His dog’s rule for jumping must be “No jumping”.  Willie must understand the rule of “don’t jump, period”.  No jumping on him, his friends who don’t mind if he jumps, and everyone else who would rather his dog not jump on them.  I suggested that he do the following:

  • He must enforce the “cold turkey rule”.  Never encourage his dog to jump on himself or his friends.  Tell his friends to never encourage him to jump on them. 
  • If his dog approaches him and looks like he is getting ready to jump, walk away.  When he does this, it takes the “moment away” from his dog.  As he walks away, always face him.  This enforces the “I really mean it, buster” with him.
  • If his dog actually jumps on him, don’t knee him or swing around to turn his back.  Face him, stand tall, and verbalize a very stern and resolute “NO”.  As soon as he decides not to jump, encourage his good decision by saying “good puppy”.
  • I suggested putting a leash on his dog when he has guests around or plans to have guests around.  When he sees him getting ready to jump, put his foot on the leash at a point where his dog can only get a few inches off the ground before the leash catches his movement.  Let him try the “failed jump” several times and he will quickly look for other things to do (like sitting, well behaved, next to my friend).

I told my friend that if he followed the steps I have outlined above, he will have happy guests.  There would be no coal in anyone’s stocking this year!

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