We began to work with a new dog training client in Roswell last week and he had a classic issue.  His Bernese Mountain Dog was really great, but he just couldn’t keep him from jumping on his friends every time they came to the door.  It was so cute when the dog was a little puppy, but he is not over 100 lbs. and the jumping can knock people over…

This is a classic “annoying problem” that you normally cause yourself.  It is so great when you get your little puppy.  He is full of life and just wanting attention and love all day long.  You have him jump on you and you chase him around the room and give him hugs and kisses.  Your little puppy will run to the toy basket, grab a toy, and then run to you to play with him.  He might nudge your hand and you will then throw the toy and do whatever he wants.

The problem is that we are now socializing them to particular behaviors.  We are teaching them how to jump, chase, and demand attention.  The problem is that your puppy learns in a very black and white method.  If you teach him to demand attention, he can demand attention from everybody all the time.  If you teach him to jump, it is OK to jump on everybody all the time.

As you interact with your puppy or dog, you must understand that whatever you ask him to do, from his perspective; he can do with anyone all the time.  “My dog can jump on me, but not my guests” is something that you might be able to understand.  Your dog won’t have a clue.  All he can understand is “I can jump”.  So if your dog is performing any action that you would not allow him to perform anytime with anybody, you must teach him that is not what you want him to do.

The bottom line is to take your dog’s perspective when you are determining what you want him to do and what not to do.  Examples of what your rules might be are:

  • Off the furniture.
  • No jumping.
  • No counter surfing.
  • Not in baby’s room…

When things are simple and straightforward, your dog gets it.

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