I was at a charity event in Buford last week supporting a local Greyhound rescue group.  I had my booth set up and was more than happy to answer any dog training question or provide information regarding dog behavior to anyone who asked.  One person approached me and said that she was very confused about getting her dog trained.  She had looked all over the internet and found dog trainers that professed many different ways to train dogs.  She had asked her friends and neighbors who had dogs how they got them to behave and had some people say that clickers and treats were the only way.  Other friends said that they used e-collars.  Others said that they used canine behavior techniques to have good dogs.  Having heard so many answers to the same question, she felt like she had received no answer at all.  She asked me the simple question, “How do I get my dog to behave?”

I first explained that although our methods are based on canine behavior and communication, we do not dismiss the effectiveness of the more passive treat training or more strenuous e-collar training.  We often confuse the different training methods as the end result when they are really only different tools used to arrive at an end result.  I asked her if her goal was to have a well behaved, happy, and safe dog that was a great companion for her, her family, and her friends. She answered “Yes”.

So let’s put all these methods on the sidelines for just a minute and focus on our goal of having a great dog.  Great dogs don’t just happen.  They are created by a happy and respectful relationship between dog and owner.  That relationship is established through the establishment of trust and safety.  Our dogs must trust us to keep them safe and secure.

The bond is created by creating rules that keep our dog safe and having our dog understand those rules.  To establish this, we must first gain our dog’s focus when we need to maintain our rules and his safety.  As long as we aren’t frightening, hurting, or scaring our dog, the method that we use to gain his focus can vary.  In human terms, all we want him to do is to give us a look and say “What do you want?  How can I help you?”

Some trainers use leashes and give a slight tug to get the dog’s attention.  They might use harnesses or different types of collars in their process.  As long as the dog is not scared and calmly gives the owner focus, that is great.

Some trainers use the e-collars to get the dog’s attention.  If the physical or audible sensation given off by the collar calmly has the dog focus on the owner, that has accomplished the goal.

Some trainers use vocal tones or shaking “pennies in a can” to get the dog’s attention.  If it doesn’t scare the dog and gets him to focus on the owner, that is all they need.

So, as you can see, the goal is to passively gain your dog’s attention so that you can direct him to the right action.  The tool is a matter of preference by the dog owner and expertise of the dog trainer.

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