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dog training north georgia


Thank you for wanting to learn more about us.

-Bruce & Robin Edwards


Bruce and I have successfully trained in excess of 6,000 dogs over the last 18 years in Georgia.  We are constantly in the community working with our Vets and rescue organizations in order to improve the human/canine bond and to just make happy families.  

After being in the dog-eat-dog environment of corporate life for more years than we would like to admit, Bruce and I decided to jump the fence and look for a new pack. Our luckiest day was when we began dog training.

Bruce had been a top technology executive for major corporations and I was completely engulfed in the sales life of selling travel incentives to Fortune 500 companies. One day we just woke up with the epiphany that we wanted to have careers that made us feel good about ourselves and helped others… and that’s why we began dog training.

We both came from “dog families” and have had dogs as long as we had been together.  We asked ourselves why we love having dogs in our homes and the answer became obvious.  Our dogs are part of our family.  They provide us unconditional love and respect.  Every day, we make sure that they are safe and well cared for.  We wanted to provide a service that provided that great experience to others.

After in a great deal of professional training and hands-on experience, we became accredited as Master Dog Trainers.  That was nine years ago and that is where our story begins…

We have three dogs and they have all come from a “rescue event.” In July of 2004, Hurricane Charlie came roaring through the Georgia Keys and many of the animals in the area were sent to the Dawson County Humane Society. We adopted Millie, a headstrong alpha-male German Shepard with major dog obedience issues. After extensive training Millie is a well adjusted and happy dog.

The following year, Hurricane Katrina slammed into The Gulf Coast. Little did we know that our next dog was on his way from the devastation of Louisiana to our local Humane Society. We brought Nickie, our English Springer Spaniel, into our pack. With all that he had been through, he had his own set of dog behavior issues. Guess what?  The dog training methods we had used with Nickie worked again!

This brings us to our third dog, a little five-pound we-aren’t-sure-what-he-is. His name is Buster, and he originally came from a puppy mill in the Midwest. He had many puppy training issues and his owner was about to send him to the county pound after having him for only three weeks. (The county pound euthanized dogs.) Needless to say, we took him in as another loved member of our pack. Buster was afraid of humans, would not go outside, and only stayed in his crate. Once again our training system came through for us. Buster is now a lovable little dog, basically running the roost of our three dogs.

Enough about us and our great doggies.   If you have dog aggression problems need basic dog training, puppy training, or advanced dog training, contact us today. Training a dog, whether it’s small dog training or mature dog training is our specialty. We’re the dog trainers serving Cumming, Gainesville, Buckhead, Dahlonega, and many other areas of Georgia that can get you results!