Robin and I were at a new Home Dog Training client in Flowery Branch last Thursday working with him and his 2 year old Goldendoodle named Donald.  Donald was really a good boy.  His biggest problem was that he was never given any boundaries and never learned that he needed to listen to my client and his family.  After a few hours, Donald clearly understood that to be a good member of the family, he needed to listen, respect, and focus on my client’s requests.  All the jumping, stealing, barking, and running out the front door were pretty much removed from Donald’s plate of activities.  Our client was thrilled at how logical and simple the entire process was to enact.  As we were finishing up, he had one more request.  He really wants to take his dog to a restaurant, but he is still not confident on what may happen.  He didn’t want to be thrown out from some of his favorite eating and drinking establishments!  What should he do?

We explained that Robin and I find it critical that you slowly socialize your dog to where ever you want to take him.  You must socialize him with any restaurant you may want to go. We have a great dog training exercise program designed to make your dog welcome at your favorite eating establishments:

  • First call the restaurant to make sure they will allow dogs.  Most establishments with outdoor seating will allow dogs, but you still have to ask.
  • Begin to take your dog for car rides more often than before so that he gets used to traveling with you.  He must always be securely restrained using a seat belt or crate while in the car.
  • Now it is time to take your dog to the restaurant when it is closed.  Find a place to sit outside at a table that would not normally be in a busy area or on the main path to the restaurant’s entrance.  Bring along food or a drink for yourself and goodies and tasty treats for your dog.  Remain there for fifteen to thirty minutes and then calmly leave and head home.  Continue this little exercise every day for about a week.  You need to continue this until you see that your dog is comfortable with the car trip, the restaurant surroundings, and the activity of having a goodie while you are eating.
  • It is not time to ramp it up and expose your dog to the restaurant when it is open. Take him when there is a very light crowd.  Late morning or in the middle of the afternoon are probably the best times for this training excursion.  Make sure he has toys to play with and goodies to enjoy and focus on.  Order something and observe your dog’s behavior when your server brings your food.  Discretely and calmly correct him as the server approaches and if he starts to become too distracted by the server.  Don’t allow other people to approach and pet your dog.  This could be interpreted as a flight or fight situation and not what you want.  Continue this for a week or so until your dog is calm and relaxed with this enhanced training exercise.
  • You are now ready to take your dog to your restaurant at the time you would normally be there.  Just repeat everything you were doing earlier.  It is still important that you initially don’t allow people to approach your dog.  This will assure that he doesn’t feel threatened in the enclosed environment.  After a while, you might request people that both you and your dog know in the restaurant to acknowledge him and praise him for being such a good little restaurant patron.

Your dog is now just fine being at your favorite restaurant.  Your dog is now not only great, but a great companion for you and your friends at the restaurant!  

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