Last week I was in Woodstock working with a new Home Dog Training Client and O’Shea, his Irish Setter. O’Shea was a rescue dog and we believed he was about 18 months old.  As with many rescue dogs, he had some issues with trust and had some bad behavior traits.  After a few hours, he had clearly and positively demonstrated to O’Shea that his new master was going to keep him safe and happy.  He was now in a strong and loving environment.  Our client was thrilled over the results and excited about the relationship he and O’Shea now possessed.   This was his first dog and he really wanted to be a great owner for his Irish Setter.  With so many things he could do to be a great dog owner, he was confused about what was truly important.  He asked us what he could do to make sure he was a great dog owner for O’Shea… 

We first applauded our client for rescuing O’Shea. That already established his beginning to be a great dog owner.  To answer his question, I first indicated that this discussion does not focus on behavioral or obedience issues he may have with his dog.  It also does not focus on the appropriate bond, trust, and leadership he is currently establishing.  It focuses on the basic things he needs to do as a “good person who has a dog”.  So, let’s begin:

  • Get your dog spayed or neutered.  They will live longer and have far less health issues.
  • Provide proper identification.  If your dog gets away from you, the likelihood of getting him back if he has dog tags or is chipped is far greater.
  • Get training for you and your dog.  This is the part that builds the bond, trust, and respect between you and your dog.  It is what makes you say “I love my dog”.
  • Go in for regular check-ups with your veterinarian.  Catching issues early will provide Fluffy with a far better life and will cost you far less in the long run.
  • Always set aside special time for you and your dog.  Schedule play dates and include him in your regular family activities.  Your dog is a part of your family.  Be sure he feels like he is an accepted and loved member.
  • Make sure your dog receives regular exercise.  Exercise is one of the four major functions that your dog needs to properly function.  Fetch, walkies, or any interactive exercise will keep your dog healthy and will help build the bond between you and your dog.
  • Provide your dog with shelter.  Your dog should have his special place where he can go and “hang out”.  A dog crate is an excellent choice for your dog’s shelter.  This is the place where only your dog can go and where he will always feel safe.
  • Make sure you travel safely.  Always have your dog in a harness that is properly secure.  Do not place him in your lap or the passenger seat!

It is your job to be a responsible owner for your dog.  Please follow the above guidelines to accomplish that.

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