Puppy Training

Puppy Socialization Training in Helen Georgia will give you a well socialized and loving puppy. Everyone will wish they had a dog as great as yours.Training your puppy early will help promote good habits and prevent bad ones from developing. This class will help teach you and your puppy all of the basics a puppy needs to grow into the best dog possible.

This class focuses on socialization, improving temperament, and inhibiting biting. Basic skills like sitting, laying down, coming when called, etc will also all be covered. Another important aspect of this class is the prevention of typical nuisance behaviors which are usually due to fear and aggression. The opportunity to play with other puppies is critical to a well developed dog and your puppy will have plenty of opportunity at this class. Your puppy must learn that other puppies and dogs are fun. With this knowledge you greatly reduce the chance of dog against dog aggression. Your puppy will also learn bit inhibition in these classes. If a puppy bites another too hard the other puppy is unlikely to keep playing. This loss of fun is critical in teaching a puppy to only bite softly.

When puppies are this young they must have as many new experiences as possible. The more your puppy experiences when it is young the less likely your puppy is to be afraid of situations in the future. Fear leads to aggression, so a less fearful dog is a more relaxed dog. It is important to invest in your dog’s future. New experiences and proper training early on greatly increase the likelihood that your puppy will grow up to be a well tempered, calm, and well adjusted dog that can adapt to new situations without fear.

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