Press Release – Adopting a Senior Dog

High Rate of Euthenasia for Older Shelter Dogs – Why It Doesn’t Need To Happen


Georgia – Statistics show that older dogs have a much higher chance of being euthanized when entering an Animal Shelter than their younger counter parts.   Of the 3.9 million dogs that enter Animal Shelters annually, over 1.2 million are euthanized.  Most of these are older dogs.  If they aren’t euthanized, they often never leave the shelter.

November is National Adopt a Senior Pet Month”, states Robin Edwards, Master Dog Trainer and owner of Home Dog Training of Georgia.  “We see so many wonderful, older dogs needlessly euthanized instead of becoming loving and wanting members of human families.”

Many people pass over older dogs for puppies because they think puppies are “just more fun”.  The truth is that older dogs are calmer and will naturally fit into family dynamics easier than many younger, head strong dogs.  They need the companionship of a stable family and will provide the family members with more focus and respect because they clearly understand what it is like when they are thrown out.  They are normally potty trained and are socialized with many of the sights and smells of human life.

Edwards provides additional information regarding selecting and caring for older rescue dogs at Rescuing an Older Dog.

“We always have a tendency to pick the ‘cute and jumpy’ when looking for our new family pet”, noted Edwards.  “We often forget how much work a younger dog might be and if we are often up to the challenge”.  Saving older dogs can easily be a win-win situation for both human and canine.