Potty Training

Puppy Potty ClassWe can assist you to Potty Train your puppy or adult dog to go outside or to go on Wee Wee pads.  Our goal is to train you to discover the steps you need to take to systematically understand when your puppy needs to go potty.  This program provides you with two visits for us to completely educate you and help you set up your house so that you will have a potty-trained puppy.  Some items we cover are:

  • Set up natural prerequisites to have your puppy “wanting to go outside”
  • Understanding your puppy’s natural need to potty
  • Establishing an initial “Potty Schedule”
  • Understand how to follow your schedule
  • Knowing what to do when your puppy makes a mistake in the house
  • Teach you how to learn from your mistakes
  • Determining your rules for success

This package also includes Guaranteed Lifetime Support and our Puppy Club.