Last week I was in Big Canoe at a new Home Dog Training client for their very first session.  Chloe, their ten week old Coton de Tulear, is just super cute and very social.  The problem that she was having was that she was pottying all over the house.  Chloe was way too small to take outside and her over exuberance caused her to tear up every potty pad that was put down for her.

Setting up the potty training process for Chloe to go to the bathroom within potty areas within the house is pretty straight forward.  We establish a living and potty area and only allow her to be in one of those areas.  We slowly expand the living area while shrinking the potty area.  The final result is that we have Chloe roaming her large living area while seeking out the potty area when she needs to go to the bathroom.

The problem that we are facing is that Chloe likes to tear up the potty pads that we are using for her bathroom area.  The answer is to find a new tool to use for her bathroom area.

Robin and I have recently been using Washable Training Pads when we potty train puppies to go to the bathroom inside.  These pads are about twice the size of the standard, disposable pads and are far more durable.  They are designed to be thrown in the washing machine and used over and over again.  Some of the great features of these pads are:

  • They are larger than the standard, disposable pads. You need far fewer of them when you are initially training your puppy.
  • They are washable. This allows you to throw them in the washing machine and use them again.  This makes this a great, “Green Product”.  You are helping save the planet one potty at a time!
  • They have a solid lining. No moisture will soak through the bottom of the pad.  This will allow you to place the Washable Training Pad on porous surfaces such as carpet and wood floors.
  • They are extra absorbent. This means that they will be able to hold more liquid than disposable pads.  Extra absorbency also means that your puppy won’t get his paws soaked in urine and carry that smell to other parts of the house.
  • Their extra absorbency allows for a more distinct, natural potty smell. This creates a natural, distinct target for your puppy to seek out when he needs to potty.
  • They are strong and can’t be ripped up by crazy, exuberant puppies.

This has been a wonderful tool in our Potty Training Process and greatly speeds the time to arrive at “no unwanted accidents”.  It seamlessly fits in with the overall potty training program and delivers accelerated results.

We have worked with thousands of puppies and have seen most of the tricks they play.  We understand the frustration that finding potty on the floor can cause and are here to help make that frustration disappear.

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