We were at one of our clients in Ball Ground the other day and they were mentioning about their grandchildren petting their Basset Hound named Fred.  It seemed than whenever the grandchildren pet Fred, he would get crazy and sometimes a little aggressive.  After further discussion, we learned that the kids were petting the dog by tapping him on the head…

We explained to our clients that they must first understand that dogs are very tactile creatures.  You always see them grooming themselves or other dogs.  This helps to build a bond between them as well as to show a trust that they are all part of one pack.  We have a very simple way that you can emulate that same activity when you want to pet your dog.

The grand kids weren’t there that day, so we explained to our clients what needs to be done.  What they needed to do was to emulate that they were “grooming the dog”.  Instead of “tapping the dog on his head”, calmly stroke him from the back of his neck down his back.  Repeat this slowly while you say things like “good puppy”.  Don’t make any sudden moves and allow the dog to move around, it he wants.

In doing this, we will see an almost immediate result in the dog’s demeanor.  He will lose that stiffness in his body and will start to give them more focus.  This is exactly what we want in order to calm him down and to lose that nervous demeanor.

We stood back and let our clients try it with Fred, their Basset Hound.  We saw immediate results.  Their dog became very calm and even began licking their hand as they stroked him.  They were very excited and couldn’t wait to teach it to their grandchildren.

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