Obedience Training for Dogs

Obedience training for your dog is really a very simple process. The problem is that dog owners make it complicated and confusing for their dogs. As you are aware, “Obedience Training” is the process of having your dog sit, stay, come, lie down, walk, etc. These are single activities that you want our dogs to initiate when you give them a command.

You can think of Obedience Training in the same respect as when you learned your “times tables”. Every time you saw the “8 times 8 card”, the other side was “64”. It was always the same and never changed. After a short time of working with the card, you completely knew that “8 times 8 is 64”.

This is the same method that our trainers teach you and your dog to sit, stay, come, walk, lie down, etc. The process is fun, simple, and really fast. Think how great it would be when your dog calmly walks next to you down the street and lies quietly at your feet at the Starbucks.