We were in Canton last week working with a new client and their Toy Poodle named Alicia.  When we talk to new clients, they are often confused because the tell us that sometimes their dog seems to pay attention to them and sometimes it is like they are invisible!  They aren’t sure what is different and wished they had a good dog all the time  What could they be doing wrong? 

Robin and I hear this many times as professional dog trainers.  We tell our clients it often isn’t the situation where their dog isn’t listening, in fact he could be keenly listening, but not just not understanding what they are saying.  When it comes to how dogs communicate, there could be many reasons for this disconnect.  This article will discuss those communication disconnects between us and our dogs

Our dogs learn and react through learned consistency.  This canine consistancy is established by setting up an environment of simple, repetitive rules and actions.  If we expect our dog to stay off the furniture, we have to establish rules and an environment where he just can never be on the furniture for any reason.  No family member or no guest in your house can ever allow him on the furniture.

This procedural concept extends far beyond just keeping your dog off our favorite chair, it is a process that we must always (i.e. 24×7) apply when telling our dog what he can and can not do. For example, say I have a rule that says I don’t want my dog to jump.  This means that every other member of the family must also apply that rule equally.  Our dog can’t jump; never, ever, no way.  It doesn’t matter which family member he is with, he can’t jump.

It is important to state that one family member can’t have a different set of rules for our dog.  It is super important that everyone must be on the same page when it comes to our dog’s rules. We often find that the most effective way to set up these rules and to assure that the entire family is on board with this is to have a family meeting and write down the rules.

So why wasn’t our client’s dog listening?  It was because everyone in their family was telling him different things.  He wasn’t being given clear signals and decided it was easier to ignore all the foolish stuff.  

Have everyone keep the same rules and you will see that your dog will begin to listen and obey.  This is because he is finally getting clear and consistent signals of what you want him to do. 

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