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Welcome to our Blog. Home Dog Training of Georgia has designed this site to provide our friends and neighbors in Georgia with valuable training and safety information for their dogs. We hope you find the information contained here helpful and informative. As you are aware, our goal is maintaining the safety and well being of your dog.


  • Are You or Your Dog the One in Charge in Your Relationship? - Over the years, Robin and I have talked to thousands of dog owners who thought they were doing exactly the right thing when it came to training their dog. They would tell us that they would teach their dog all the obedience actions such as Come, Sit, Stay, etc. They would keep them off the furniture […]
  • What Must I Do to Properly Play Fetch with My Dog? - I was at a new Home Dog Training session last Thursday in Snellville working with a new client and his fourteen-month-old Harrier Hound named Jackson. Jackson was a great dog, but he just didn’t want to listen and do what my client instructed.  What Jackson needed to understand was that my client was his leader, […]
  • What is the Best Way to Safely Pet a Dog? - I was at a new Home Dog Training client in Dacula last Sunday working with him and his three-year-old German Shepherd named Otto. Otto was a great dog that my client had rescued about nine months ago.  Although he didn’t know anything about Otto’s past, for the most part he was a great dog.  The […]
  • What Must I Do to Have My Dog Always Come to Me When Commanded? - We were at a new Home Dog Training client in Lithonia last Monday working with them and his two-year-old Beagle named Brownie.  They had recently rescued Brownie from the local Humane Society and had started working on his obedience commands. The reason that they called us out was because, just as they thought he had […]
  • How Do I Have a Calm Dog in a Crowded Public Place? - We were in Acworth last Tuesday at an initial Home Dog Training session with our new client and his Alaskan Malamute named Frankie.  Frankie was a beautiful dog.  For the most part, we observed that he was well behaved. After we finished our initial part of the training and began to enter the interactive part […]
  • How Do I Resolve Sibling Rivalry Between My Dogs? - Last Thursday I received a call from a Home Dog Training client in Canton that I had trained several years ago. Back then, he had called us in to help him with his two English Bulldogs. During our call last Thursday, he told me that the dogs had been excellent for the last several years.  […]
  • How Do I Deal with a Dog that is Food Aggressive? - Robin and I received a call the other day from an old friend that had recently relocated to Atlanta.  After recalling some old times, he went on to tell us that he was having some troubles with his dog. He told us that Tully, his Bull Terrier, had always been just the best dog in […]
  • How Do I Maintain My Relationship with My Dog When I Am Always Away at Work? - I was in Roswell last week at a new Home Dog Training session teaching a new client how to properly walk his dog through the neighborhood.  We worked on focus, speed, leash manners and proactive issue mitigation.  It seemed that one of his neighbors, Jake, was observing us while we were out and about in […]
  • How Do I Keep My Dog Calm When it is Time to Feed Him? - I was at a new Home Dog Training session in Kennesaw last Thursday working with a new Home Dog Training client and his family.  He had called us out because he told us that he was in desperate need of some guidance with his three-year-old Labrador Retriever named Chili Pepper. For the most part, Chili […]
  • What Do I Do to Avoid a Dog Bite? - A week ago Monday I was at a Home Dog Training Session in Marietta with a new Home Dog Training client and his two-year-old Vizsla named Frankie.  For the most part Frankie was an excellent dog.  He demonstrated some of the “classic dog issues” that included things such as his love of jumping on people […]