Robin and I were in Suwanee last Wednesday working with a new Home Dog Training Client and his Bernedoodle named Bobbie.  Bobbie was just over a year old and still had a lot of his “puppy precociousness”. Our goal for the training was to give our client the ability to always get Bobbie’s focus and to help establish the process of rules and obedience.  Bobbie was a very fast learner and our client quickly understood what she needed to do to have a great dog.  Since the 4th of July was quickly approaching, our client asked if we had any tips to keep Bobbie from going nuts with all the holiday sights and sounds.  As always, we were always happy to oblige… 

We explained to out client that it is critical that you always set the scene so your dog feels safe and secure. For most of the year there aren’t loud bangs and bright flashes all around your dog.  Every day is not a pool party or picnic.  Although we can understand this special day, our dog my not have a clue.  Robin and I want to provide some suggestions regarding what to do on this fun day:

  • Never leave your dog in the car if you go to an event. A partially opened window does not give enough fresh air, and it creates a possibility for someone to take your dog.
  • Always keep proper identification securely fastened to your dog’s collar. If at all possible, microchip your dog.  Check to make sure that your vet hospital and animal shelter have your correct contact information in their database.
  • Don’t put your dog outside. If you cannot bring him inside, cover his dog house with a blanket to protect him from the crazy fireworks. Your dog’s sense of hearing is far more sensitive than ours.
  • Establish a special area in your home where you can make sure your dog feels safe. A properly introduced crate or kennel can be a calming place for him.
  • Some dogs will destroy things when they get scared. If you leave your dog in a room, take all the breakables and expensive “chewables” out of the room.
  • Keep your dog away from the front and back doors. If he is scared, he may run out if someone inadvertently opens them or leaves them open.
  • Keep the windows and curtains closed to minimize noises and bright flashes.
  • Turn on a TV or radio at normal volume to redirect your dog from loud noises and help him to relax.
  • We strongly suggest that you stay with your dog during the majority of the fireworks. He often reacts more intensely to loud sounds and flashes of lights when you are not with him.
  • It might not be a bad idea to hire a pet sitter to stay with your dog while you are away from home.

Your constant goal is to keep your dog safe and secure.  The 4th of July offers special challenges that you can overcome with a little planning and preparation.

Please call us at (770) 718-7704 if you have any dog training or safety questions.  We are blessed to have been your local dog training experts for over fourteen years.  We have trained over 5,000 great dogs and loving families and are ready to help you.