In Home Dog Training

Home Dog Training provides in home, individualized training in Dawson County and all North GeorgiaMost of our issues with your misbehaving dogs happen in the home. We believe that In Home Dog Training with you and your dog is the best way to resolve these issues. Your dogs might be barking at the windows, jumping on people coming in the house, or feeling anxiety when you leave the house.

The most effective way to resolve these issues is to address them where they take place. Your dogs have a very simple way of learning. If we can recreate what they are doing wrong where they are doing it, we can easily help you resolve the problem.

In Home Dog Training allows us to give you 100% of our attention. We work through each issue with you directly until it is resolved. As we are with you in your home, you will normally remember other issues taking place. We are right there to help you fix those too.