We were over in Suwanne a few days ago working with a new client and his Newfoundland Water Dog named Barrington.  The big problem with Barrington, as with many Newfies, was that he was high energy and didn’t focus very well.  After an hour or two, we helped our client get everything under control and he was very happy.   My client then mentioned that he had called us out because even though Barrington was a little nutty and that now we had taken care of it, it seemed to get a lot worse over Thanksgiving.  I told my client that this was not an unusual event. 

You have been diligently working with your dog so the he knows you are his leader.  You are consistent, train with him every day, and are building the trust, bond, and relationship that makes a great dog.  You are doing everything just right!

So we get into the Holiday Season.  All your out of town family and your out of town friends have been staying for the last few days and everything went great.  Your dog was having a cool time by having everyone play with him and giving him a lot of attention.  He always had something to do and someone to do it with.  All of a sudden, whoosh, they are all gone.  The house is finally quiet once again.

But something has changed with your dog.  Before now he would always obey and listen to you.  Now he is dropping toys in your lap, barking at you, nipping, and pulling pillows off the sofa.  Where did all this inappropriate behavior come from?

Up until the gaggle of holiday guests invaded your home, you were consistent with your dog in what you expected of him.  Whenever he did something that “broke the house rules”, you were right there to correct and show him the right way.  This is the action that your dog expected from you are actually constantly received.  

For the last few days this wasn’t happening.  You didn’t have time to work with him and correct him when he would do something that was wrong.  Everyone else would do whatever he wanted and he saw that he could get away with anything.  From your dog’s perspective, you had reverted to a weak leader.  He could do whatever he liked.

The great news is that this is temporary and you can fix it.  First drain some of that “play with me” adrenaline that your dog has built up.  We suggest taking him to a doggie day care a few times a week.  Have him get his “I want to play! I want to play!” craziness out with other dog.  When he comes home, he will be tired and won’t be demanding active attention from you.  As soon as this happens, jump back into performing obedience and behavioral exercises with him on a daily basis. 

Remember your house rules.  As soon as your dog tests you and breaks your rule, correct him so that you can show him what is right.  This must be done every time tests the rules.

Very quickly you will re-establish your leadership and your dog will understand that his role is to obey you and be a great and non-demanding member of your family.

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