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This letter is always available to you and offers you our most recent training and safety articles as well as additional tips and suggestions to help you on your way to having a great experience with your dog.  Even better, save this to your phone and our great articles are never more than a fingertip away!

 Current Training and Safety Articles

  • Should I Give a Puppy as a Christmas Present? - I was at a new Home Dog Training client in Acworth last Wednesday working with the family and their thirteen-month-old Golden Retriever named Benson.  Benson had “classic Golden lines” and was just a happy, beautiful puppy.  He would constantly run around the house and yard and loved to jump on just about anything and anyone.  […]
  • What are Some Holiday Car and Hotel Travel Tips for Me and My Dog? - I was at a new Home Dog Training Session last Monday in Atlanta working with a new client and his Miniature Schnauzer named Howard.  As with so many Schnauzers, whether they are Miniature, Standard, or Giant; Howard was stubborn and was convinced that he was going to be the “big man in the room”.  After […]
  • How Can I Keep My Dog Safe and Happy at Thanksgiving? - I was at a new Home Dog Training client in Roswell last Friday working with him and his one-year-old Catahoula named Caleb.  As with so many Catahoula puppies, Caleb was very active and highly inquisitive. The major issues that we were going to address that day were Caleb’s constant jumping on everyone, complete lack of […]
  • What Are Some Tips If I Need to Medicate My Dog for a Road Trip? - We were at a new Home Dog Training client in Kennesaw on Monday of last week working with the entire family and their fourteen-month-old Brittany Spaniel named Dillan.  Dillan was extremely rambunctious and had had a lot of problems when it came to listening to my clients and obeying any rules they had attempted to […]
  • What Are Some Tips on Picking a Good Veterinarian? - We were at an initial dog training lesson last Monday in Marietta with a new Home Dog Training Client and his Coonhound puppy named Jebediah.  Our client had just picked up Jebediah last week and he had just turned eleven weeks old.  Because of this, he was in need of our “soup to nuts puppy […]
  • What Are Some Good Halloween Safety Tips for my Dog? - I was at a new Home Dog Training lesson in Lawrenceville last Monday with my client and his two-year-old Goldendoodle named Shadow.  The most important thing my client wanted to accomplish with Shadow was to have him behave at the front door and not run out when people arrived.  As with many dogs, he would also […]
  • How Do I Teach My Dog Front Door Manners? - Last Thursday I was at a Home Dog Training session in Johns Creek with a new client and his two-year-old Boxer named Colt. My client had told me that his biggest issues with Colt focused on stealing food from the table, pulling on the leash, and not coming into the house from the back yard […]
  • What are the Pro’s and Con’s of Board and Train vs Home Dog Training? - We receive multiple calls a day asking us about our dog training services.  Last Wednesday was no different as I answered a call from a prospective Home Dog Training client who lived in Dahlonega. He had an eighteen-month-old Weimaraner named Black Jack. From our conversation, I ascertained that Black Jack had the annoying tendency to […]
  • What Can I Do to Assure My Dog and Young Son are Best Friends? - I was in Dawsonville last Monday with a new Home Dog Training client and his six-month-old Golden Retriever named Charlie.  We focused our training on counter surfing, jumping, lack of focus, pulling on the leash, and charging the door.  After several hours, Charlie was completely under control and my client understood exactly what he needed […]
  • What Around the Home is Poisonous for my Dog? - Last Tuesday Robin and I were giving a presentation to the staff at a Doggie Day Care in Cumming.  Our presentation focused on topics that included behavioral dog training, canine safety, and environmental socialization. One of their clients had just dropped their dog off for the day and overheard our presentation.  She came over, raised […]

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