I just got home from Dacula this evening after meeting with a new Home Dog Training Client and working with Darlene, his cute, two year old Cockapoo.  Darlene was a very good dog and responded very well to the obedience commands that we introduced.  Her bad habits of jumping and running out the door were also heavily curtailed during our very first session.  As always, I emphasized that even though things looked really great and Darlene looked like she was now a great dog, he needed to continue to work with her.  

Anyone recall the Saturday morning TV cartoon with Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy?  Most of you probably don’t, but if you are as old as I am, you will remember the cartoon shows where Doggie Daddy was constantly trying to teach his son, Augie Doggie a lesson. Wacky as it may seem, the cartoon show clearly explained how dogs learn and what we needed to do to teach them.

I am not saying that Robin and my dog training methods are based on a 1960’s cartoon show, but it just so happens that the show mimics the proven methods we use to gain our great results.  So what happened between Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy?  It is real simple…

  1. YOU MUST BE CONSISTENT.  All dogs learn by doing the same thing the exact same way.  In order for us “humans” to accomplish this, we can’t spend a whole lot of time every day working with our dog.  We will eventually get sloppy doing this and we won’t teach in a consistent manner.  That is why we instruct all our clients to only spend between fifteen to thirty minutes a day working with their dog.  Great teaching moments are build on consistent quality, not large quantity.
  2. YOU MUST BE REPETITIVE. Think back to when you learned your times tables.  “Eight times eight is sixty-four”.  Over and over again.  That is the same way that your dog learns his lessons.  …Doing the same thing over and over again.  It is imperative that you practice your lessons with your dog every day.  You can’t just do it once or twice a week and think that it is going to stick.  It won’t.

So remember, consistency and repetition with your exercises.  Do this and everything will work!  

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