Dog Potty Training with the Potty Pad (Wee-Wee Pad)

We were at our groomer’s in Ball Ground with two of our dogs last week and one of their customers approached us with a puppy training problem.  She was trying to train her puppy to potty on the wee-wee pad, but he would have nothing do to with it.  He just wasn’t paying attention.  She asked us if we had any suggestions or great tips…

We first explained what the wee-wee pad is all about.  It was originally designed around the idea that “if it smells like a toilet, it must be a toilet”.  The wee-wee pad manufacturer would put a chemical on the paper so that the pad had a slight scent of urine.  We, of course, couldn’t smell it, but our puppy could.  Sometimes, when your puppy isn’t paying attention to the pad, it is because he can’t smell the “urin scent”.  This can be caused by having a “cheep wee-wee pad” or because of other, over riding smells in the area.  We need to simply ramp up the “homing beacon” on the wee-wee pad.

This doesn’t mean that you just put down more pads.  What you need to do is to enhance the smell or “super-size the odor”.  Here are three suggestions:

  • Many pet stores sell “urine odor enhancer sprays”.  Get a bottle and spray it generously in the exact middle of your puppy’s wee-wee pad.
  • It has been said that the smell of beer enhances your puppy’s potty drive.  Pour a little bit of beer (careful, don’t waste the whole bottle!) in the middle of your puppy’s wee-wee pad.
  • (Now, this may be a little gross, but hear me out on this one!)  If your puppy has urinated on a hard surface (tile, wood, etc.), put on some rubber gloves, get a sponge (that you are about to throw away), and soak up the urine into the sponge.  Take the sponge and squeeze it over the middle of your puppy’s wee-wee pad.  (Be sure to throw the sponge away!)

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