Last week one of our Home Dog Training clients in Marietta called us because his dog recently had some surgery. Vet told him that his dog was not allowed to lick or chew at the stitches.  He had tried the “funny cone collar” the Vet gave him, but it just drove his dog crazy.  He asked me if there was anything else he could do to make sure his dog didn’t get at the stitches. 

We all know that one of the most annoying things we can experience is a persistent itch.  We scratch it and, for some reason, the itch just gets worse.  Even though we know we shouldn’t scratch, we do it anyway.  The same problem is just as persistent with our dogs.  Their difference is that they don’t understand they should be scratching.  They will scratch and scratch until the area becomes read, soar, and bleeding.  This can easily make a bad situation even worse.  You can find many permutations of the “cone collar” available and they work for many dogs.  For the other dogs, we need to find a different solution.

Robin and I suggest that you use the Baskerville Muzzle.  “Muzzle!  Muzzle! Are you nuts?!  I would never muzzle my dog!”  I can hear some of you saying that right now.  The reason you are saying that is because you think that dog muzzles are the nylon ones that restrict and contain the dog.  This type of muzzle covers the dog’s nose like a straight jacket.  The dog can barely pant, bark, drink water, etc.  Except for very short periods, they are definitely not good for the dog.

The only thing that the standard dog muzzle and the Baskerville Muzzle have in common is that they both have “muzzle” in their description.  The Baskerville Muzzle does not hold the dog’s nose in any way.  The dog can still pant, bark, drink water, etc.  The Baskerville Muzzle only stops the dog from nipping or biting.  The only places the muzzle actually touches the dog are at the crown of his nose and the neck where the strap wraps around to keep the muzzle in place.  Most Canine Professionals agree that the Baskerville Muzzle as the most humane way to teach and deter a dog from nipping, chewing, and biting.

How is it properly used?

  • You first need to assure that it fits properly and allows your dog room around his nose.  It should be slightly snug with a slight wiggle like loose fitting pants.
  • Next, you need to socialize your dog with the muzzle.  Put it on for short periods of time and have him with you on a leash.  As soon as he starts to paw for the muzzle, give the leash a slight tug and direct his focus to you.
  • Put some peanut butter on the inside of the muzzle so your dog wants to put it on to lick off the peanut butter.
  • Do not make a big deal about the muzzle.  Your dog should become aware that it is just another part of life.
  • Start putting the muzzle on for longer periods of time to allow him to slowly get used to it.  If you wear glasses, remember how they felt for the first time. The more you wore them, the more comfortable you became in wearing them. The same is true for your dog.

Yea!  You now have solved your “stitches problem”.  Besides not going for the stitches, this tool can also be used for biting, nipping, or eating inappropriate things.  The great thing about the Baskerville Muzzle is that it allows your dog to do everything he wants, except to nip, bite, or chew.

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